• Bookbindery Seugling Amsterdam, hand-bookbinders since 1923 for handmade books

    master craftsmanship on the "IJ-oevers" in Amsterdam

    custommade books and boxes, all made by hand, even for a single copy

  • Bookbindery Seugling, traditional bookbinders in Amsterdam

    hand-bookbindery seugling amsterdam manual bookbinder traditional bookbinders since 1923

    Hand-bookbindery Seugling in Amsterdam is the place to go to for limited editions and hand-bound books, such as theses, dissertations, artist's books, magazines, journals, picture books, annual reports, and portfolios. We will transform your information into an attractive product that will speak for itself.

    Using traditional techniques, we will stamp and emboss, restore and repair. We will produce book covers using leather, buckram cloth, linen, paper, silk, wood veneer and other special materials. We can do this for (private) book collections and for libraries.

    Our craftsmanship will transform your thesis or presentation into an interesting bound product. For your handmade books we can make custom-made protective slip cases. We can realise your design and ideas for small editions or will produce a unique copy for you.

    Any questions? Please contact us.

  • Master craftsmanship since 1923

  • Traditional & manual bookbinders