• Bookbindery Seugling: Master craftsmanship on the Veemkade in Amsterdam

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  • History

    Mr. G.W.H. Seugling


    In 1923 G.W.H. Seugling founded a private book bindery. Fifteen years later the book bindery moved to a more spacious site in the Amsterdam Vijzelstraat where they stayed for the next 60 years, until the mid-nineties.

    In 1994 the bookbindery settled in the Gouden Reael on the Grote Bickersstraat.
    And again 25 years later - in 2019 - the bookbinding company exchanged the Western Islands for the Eastern Islands on the “IJ-oevers”
    Bookbindery Seugling is located in Pakhuis Wilhelmina on the Veemkade.
    Still easily accessible, on foot, by bike, by car or by public transport.

    In 1959 Mr Seugling, our founder, died. His daughter and his business partner, Mr de France, together with his two sons, continued the business. After the two de France brothers had retired in 1978, Quirijn Jungcurt assumed control. Mieke Stouten joined him as partner in the early nineties. They are both still active partners.

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  • Biographies

    Seugling hand-bookbindery

    Quirijn Jungcurt was born and bred in Amsterdam. After secondary school he went to the technical secondary school for graphic training. He graduated in two special topics: design and graphical techniques. Book binding and marbling fascinated him so he was very happy to be able to do a six month traineeship at bookbindery Seugling. He then went to the Centro del bel Libro in Ascona in Switzerland to learn even more about book binding. After school, he went to work with Seugling. He was fired when he stayed away on holiday in Denmark longer than agreed.

    However, he was visiting book binders – Ole Olson, Ole Lundberg and Jens Hanse – who introduced him to unprecedented new opportunities in book binding. Quirijn then went to work for Aeron Production, a printer. When, in 1978, the de France brothers retired, he was able to buy the Seugling bindery.

    Mieke Stouten was born in Ede, the Netherlands, and graduated in 1979 in Social Cultural Services to the Community. She then worked for a puppet theatre and did social cultural work. But she was drawn towards the crafts; this was the way she wanted to go. After an apprenticeship with Seugling, at the time a breeding ground for young talent, she then started working for them officially in 1986. In the early nineties she became an active partner. Mieke is the customer manager at Seugling. She listens carefully to your wishes, finds creative solutions for unexpected problems and gives information about the possibilities and opportunities. Quirijn focuses on which adaptations to the set-up and to machines will make it possible to achieve the apparently impossible. Mieke then has the feeling for the product, and rules over paper and cloth with glue.

    Both are crafts people who are in it for the long haul.