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  • Working with us means custom-made

    Hand-bookbinding is a varied craft which demands skills and knowledge.

    When somebody says: 'That is a beautiful book', then the bookbinder means: 'It is a beautiful binding', while the reader means: 'It's beautiful to read.' The collector, on the other hand, is saying: 'It's in excellent condition.' In short, there are various aspects that determine what a hand-bound book will look like. These are the questions that need answering:

    • What is the purpose of the book?
    • How will it be used?
    • What is the budget for the binding?

    This is why there are various bindings. For a custom-made product, quality and budget are the two most important points of departure.

    Form and size can vary, of course, as can implementation. All three depend on your individual requirements. One customer will be perfectly happy with a traditional binding, another will prefer an appropriate box or slip case, or a hand-made folder, file or spiral binder. Of one thing you can be sure: we will look after your project with great care, from digital document to physical object.


    Entrusting your work to the bindery 

    In this age ofprinting and binding on demand, people sometimes forget how important it is to choose the right paper. For the expert, however, paper is a vital element. The type of paper, the paper grammage and the direction in which it feeds, determine to a large extent if the bound result is a success. If the direction of the fibres in the paper of a bound book is incorrect, the book will never lie open well.

    Seugling are experts at working with physical documents. Therefore, you can submit magazines or journals, copies, prints and digital prints

    Of course, you can also submit digitally. We co-operate closely with an excellent repro service and so can guarantee quality prints

    Please contact us before submitting work. A successful project depends on good communication and consultation.